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Thanks to the Internet, finding a cheating wife out for some fun has never been easier. Back in the bad old days, you pretty much have to know a secret handshake or some sort of password just so you can get invited to swingers clubs in your town or city. To make matters worse, you had to bring a female along. We’re not just talking about any kind of female friend, but preferably it has to be your wife. That’s how bad things were. Not anymore. Thanks to websites that enable any guy to hook up with a cheating wife, finding a quick fling in your town has never been easier. With that said, if you don’t want to use a website or if you want to truly figure out if the female you met online is a cheating wife, pay attention to the following.

Very restless

One key hallmark of a cheating wife is she’s very restless. She’s all over the place in terms of her thought process and she tends to be just thinking or getting emotional at the rate of 1,000 miles per second. A lot of guys would think that this is a sign of instability and would run far, far away. However, you have to remember that this also can be interpreted as somebody who’s just restless, who’s just tired of the status quo in her life. Maybe she’s going through her own personal version of the midlife crisis. Pay attention to restlessness.

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Everybody goes through a phase where they feel regret for the decisions that they made. One of the biggest decisions you make, of course, is the person that you choose to marry. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to blame all the other things that are going wrong with your life on that particular decision. It’s very easy to pin the blame on your husband for all the tiny or big frustrations in your life. You can easily tell if the person is very frustrated because she’s going to be very negative. She’s very judgmental and pessimistic about life in general.

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Don’t get me wrong. Just because a wife is cheating doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s a bad person. It doesn’t mean that there is something fundamentally wrong with her. It really all boils down to regret. This person probably was a different person ten, twenty or thirty years ago. She used to have a sense of possibility and a sense of adventure. For some reason, the many years of married life has snuffed that sense of possibility and adventure from her. This is probably the source of all that frustration for her. This is probably the source of all her disappointments in life and one of the ways she is rebelling against all these disappointment or dealing with it is to go out on flings.

Pay attention to this frustrated and disappointed spirit regardless of how cheerful and positive the person may otherwise be because this can help you determine whether you are dealing with somebody who is actually ready, willing and able to cheat or just somebody who is just talking out loud.

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